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Word of the day:Diversity of dú 多变的“读” Dú 读

在汉语里,“读”不只是read,还有很多其他意思。请看“读”的不同解释:In Chinese,“读dú ”not only means to read,but has many other meanings.Please check the different explanition of 读dú
1看着文字大声说出来Look at the characters and say them out loudly
例如:读课文 读诗歌 朗读
2 看: read silently,in this case ,Chinese treat it same as 看:
例如: 读书,阅读,读报(also can be said 看书,看报)
他喜欢阅读。—-他喜欢看书。(He likes reading)
(This book is very good and it is worth reading when you are available.)
3 上学/在( )学习 This way of using 读means study at school
读小学 /读大学/读研究生
我的儿子在读大学,明年他读研究生。(My son studies in university and will purchase his graduate next year.)
4 读书人==有知识的人—文化人 knowledgeable people
她看起来是个读书人。(She looks like a person with good education)
读书人做不了政客。(The intelectuals are not suitable to be politicans)
5读取,主要是用于IT/金融(It is used in IT/Finance as a term.)
在ATM机上取钱的时候,你要耐心等一下,机器会先读取你的银行卡信息。(You must be patient with ATM because the machine will read your bank card first.)
(The file may be damaged ,as the computer can not read it.)